Microsoft Advertising announces Automotive Ads open beta in the US and UK

With the new type of ad, sales ads can expand their reach and see the same increase in conversions that they can get from image extensions, with the ease of use that feeds provide.

What is it? Car ads are feed-based product ads that allow car dealers to upload all assets of their car inventory (make, model, year, decoration, image, URL, etc.) and view them offline in Microsoft Bing .com SERP. . “Bing results and local placements on Microsoft’s heating network,” reads the announcement.

How do they look? Microsoft Auto Ads has been activated for Bing searches and images for vehicle purchases and research purposes. For the driver, the ads will appear offline in Bing searches or at the top of the images in vehicle searches.

“Your feed entries are automatically linked to searches and appear alongside existing text ads in a separate auction, so you do not have to bid yourself,” the blog said.

How to participate. Advertisers wishing to participate in the pilot program must reside in the United States or the United Kingdom. You can register through your Microsoft Advertising Representative or through this form.

Participants must obtain food that contains the following vehicle characteristics:

• Vehicle ID

• Title

• By product

• Template

• Year

• Dry pruning

• Final URL

• Image URL

Vehicle condition (new / used / CPO)

There are also image requirements to be part of the open beta. All photos provided must be of high quality and relevant to the vehicle, advertisement, and landing page. The images should show a graded external view (it is recommended to make sure that the first photos are not visible if you have multiple URLs). Images must not contain watermarks or promotional text.

Why do we care? As the pandemic restricted public transportation, the automotive industry continued to thrive, while other sectors may have shrunk further. The closure of the factories caused a shortage of new vehicles, which reduced the existing stock for dealers and increased the demand for second-hand vehicles.

Previously, automated search marketers could not use feeds on Microsoft Advertising such as, Craigslist, or even Facebook Marketplace. Many auto advertising agencies have created incredible ways to use existing feeds to display ads on Bing Search and the Microsoft Audience Network. This beta version allows the use of automated feeds for car advertisers using Microsoft Advertising. Car advertisers can also use the API from day one of this version.

What are car ads?

For advertisers who are familiar with Shopping ads, car ads should be somewhat the same. Auto ads are feed-based product ads (similar to Shopping ads) that load asset from a stream. Ads appear for searches that match the feed, such as vehicle search and buying intent. Unlike retail ads, car ads do not require a Merchant Center, as the stream is loaded directly into your Microsoft Advertising Advertiser account.

In addition to SERP placements, automated ads are also eligible for local placements on Microsoft’s public network, which can be targeted by your own and third-party groups.

How are the ads displayed?

On Bing SERP, Microsoft Ads currently offers automated ads on the job and also on the Bing results page. Microsoft plans to show automated ads on the mainline (just below the search bar) soon.

Automated ads are currently only available on PC, but mobile formats will be available soon.

Auto-ads may be eligible to appear alongside existing search campaigns for the same searches, which means advertisers may be able to show both types of ads (auto-ads and search ads) in the same auction SERP.

Start with car ads

Since car ads are still in beta, advertisers should request access. The fastest way to access the beta is probably to contact your Microsoft Advertising representative if you have one. If you don’t have a representative, fill out this form to request access. Please note that this beta is currently only available to advertisers in the US and UK.

Feed configuration

Once logged in, enter step number one in an entry. You can do this by going to “Tools” and then to “Company Details” in your advertising account. (Except for purchase, no Merchant Center or additional account is needed to manage the feed.) As a bonus, as Microsoft realizes that many automotive organizations rely on APIs to manage inventory data, there are APIs for manage the feed facilitated.

Photo optimization

When it comes to advertising vehicles, it’s no secret that images play an important role, so it’s extremely important that advertisers provide high-quality images to make their ads as effective as possible.

Results of the first beta testers

Microsoft tested car ads with early beta testers, including car brands announcing new stocks and third-party websites showing used stocks.

They believe advertisers see an average increase in incremental clicks of 6-15% and an increase in incremental conversions of 3-8%.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have 7 to 16 percent lower CPCs than their unmarked search campaigns, and third-party sites have dropped 28 to 40 percent.

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