Neutronium aims to bring clarity and trust to marketing data

Affinity Answers is the latest data provider certified by Neutronium.

Last week, Affinity Answers, the social engagement data provider, joined Certified Neutronic Providers, along with Eyeota, Øptimus Analytics, ShareThis, and TVision.

“Affinity Answers’ approach to building a brand audience using contextual indicators and the sense of anonymous social profiles shows that data providers can use social media data in a privacy-conscious way,” says Timur Yarnall, co. – founder and CEO of Neutrons. in a statement.

To tame the wild west. It is a major challenge to create clarity and confidence in what is called the ‘wild west’ of data collection and marketing. We asked Yarnall to explain the reason for the new initiative.

“The vision is to be the equivalent of a credit or security rating for marketing data,” Yarnall said. ‘We think it’s very important for the health of the ecosystem and ultimately for the consumer. This is important because everyone in the ecosystem knows that there are low-quality datasets and providers and that low quality can mean anything. unethical data to make the data inaccurate.

Ethics and quality. The dual focus, on ethics and quality, is fundamental. “Non-compliance is a big issue for a marketer,” says Yarnall. The emergence of AVG and CCPA is a response to this and the whole ecosystem, leading to high compliance costs and increased compliance risks. The other problem is just the poor performance of the campaign: poorly targeted ads, third-party data being presented as primary data, and so on.

In addition to the already announced vendors, Yarnall says there are 10-15 more in the certification process. “We’re not talking about who’s in the process. Furthermore, we never talk about who failed – our goal is to bring out the good players in the ecosystem. We do not want it to be a conversation in which we do not name bad actors and sorry, there are many in the ecosystem.

Neutronium requires data providers to disclose the complete list of resources to provide certification. “This information is confidential, but as a financial controller we do not disclose it to anyone.”

Acceleration under COVID. The company and the platform will be launched at the end of February, just before the closure of COVID. “COVID has really accelerated our business. The pandemic is over for many, but the digital shift has highlighted the lack of quality structure.

The death of third-party cookies also raises the question. “The possible solution is for brands, publishers, and data providers to use their own data. This means you can combine the main data with other data sets for scalability. What should you do without a quality structure like Neutron?”

Because we care.  This is a perfect storm for the data industry. Brands that are heavily involved in digital marketing are highly dependent on customer data. Regulatory initiatives complicate the collection of this data, which increases the temptation to integrate the original data with all other available information. Compliance and quality should be the keywords of data providers, and Neutronian wants to provide a framework to prove that this is the case

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