Please don’t fill new channels with bad creative

Marketers work in a pandemic world where digital channels have been around for almost a year. But to say you’re reaching new channels and getting results depends on how strong your content is. But how quickly do you have to stay strong?

“Almost overnight,” said Aubrie Richey, vice president of customer acquisition and media at TechStyle Fashion Group. “We had to adapt quickly to figure out how to get the perfect photo, social media ad or home ad, all with the added challenge of developing reliable marketing content for a consumer base that changes life experiences in response to the pandemic.”

TechStyle, which runs fashion brands such as JustFab, FabKids, and Savage X Fenty, the inclusive lingerie collection designed by music icon Rihanna, has already invested in five of its production studios. Each is made up of professional and creative photographers who distribute content across more than 20 channels and networks, develop television and social media campaigns, and support the major destinations on your site.

However, the company has already sent production equipment to influencers and brand ambassadors so they can build their own ‘mini studios’ at home. That way, they can track campaign materials for monthly new product launches and other promotions, Richey said.

“Our brands are starting to leverage our extensive libraries of influencer-generated content and to ensure that our influencers have the necessary equipment to develop their own content,” said Richey.

He added, “Our brands have been rethinking major campaigns and major holidays and sending messages inviting consumers to a more sophisticated Zoom celebration or family reunion. We have found that these strategic changes are impacting consumers of different brands. discovered that these strategic changes have implications for consumers of different brands. We have effectively strengthened our customer base with reliable marketing content. “

Can we be more creative?

The downside to the sudden influx of channels to consider during COVID-19 is the amount of content needed to fill the gaps. But many marketers think the problem is not creative. In fact, you could say the opposite is happening.

Nearly 69% of the 250 marketers recently surveyed by creative automation provider Celtra say the ads are too repetitive. 63% concluded that ‘very few brands currently advertise creatively’.

But TechStyle is determined to be one of the few.

For his JustFab brand, Richey said the company is tailor-made for consumers less interested in work and street style in favor of sportier and more comfortable quarantine clothing. Their FabKids brands focused on the adaptations parents and children have made to distance learning.

“Each of our brands had to think about how to apply their different marketing strategies to the ‘new’ consumers,” she said.

The FabKids content team began recruiting parents to film their children’s content in a home environment that reflects changes in the daily lives of families. As a direct result of these new strategies, TechStyle launched 25% more ads in 2020 than the year before.

And there was not only more publicity, but an appeal to consumers’ lives, Richey said.

Enjoy the following

Relevance isn’t just about content, though. It’s also about where the content is displayed.

The Celtra survey found that 73% of marketers mainly use Facebook and/or Instagram to communicate with their customers. E-mail followed, 55% and 35% via Twitter.

Only 12% of marketers said they use TikTok more, which is at least an indication that brands with similar audiences see opportunities to expand through the channel. The most important point is that brands must keep looking and be willing to communicate if there is no suitable match.

For TechStyle, they made TikTok a priority by launching an initiative they call the ‘#techtokstyle challenge’.

“Our teams realized a gap in TechStyle’s social media presence and created a new virtual challenge to increase our presence on TikTok,” said Richey. The challenge is to ask employees to be proud of the brand and to be involved in creating content.

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