The Impact of Tourism Video and Display Ads On Bookings

Where do travelers go when they want ideas for their next adventure? They go to the same place to get information about everyone: the Internet. They search the internet for the best airline tickets and hotel deals, as well as suggestions on what to do once they reach their destination. You may be willing to provide this valuable information, but more.

If you want your business to become to grow in tourism, you need internet marketing. This is an ongoing process and can be difficult at times, but if done properly it can lead to more traffic to your site, more loyal customers, and more revenue in the long run.

How is Internet Marketing Different from Traditional Marketing?

There are many differences between traditional marketing and internet marketing for the tourism industry. Most important is the way consumers and businesses talk about it.

Traditional marketing gives companies complete control over the conversation. Methods such as direct mail, billboards, and print ads also provide promotional information and do not allow the consumer to answer or ask questions.

Internet marketing does not provide such coverage.  just like businesses. On some channels, their voices are louder. Regardless of whether the criticism of your products and your complaints about business practices go viral and damage not only your sales but also your brand reputation.

What are the advantages of digital marketing for tourism?


In the time it takes to see the results of a direct email or print ad, you can run various online campaigns via email, social media, and search and see the results just as quickly.


The cost of print, mailing, and advertising space in traditional marketing is much higher than the cost of reaching online customers. And in some cases, such as with PPC ads, the cost is determined by the number of people who respond, not the number.

To achieve

It is difficult to reach a large number of potential customers with traditional marketing and even more difficult to do so at a low cost. But on the web, if you have effectively optimized your online presence, these people will find you.


Advanced analysis is probably the greatest benefit of internet marketing. With the right tools, you can measure the effectiveness of almost every aspect of your campaigns to get rid of the ones that don’t work and the ones that do.

Start with digital tourism marketing

Digital offers

Adventurous as a traveler, they will probably leave for a new destination without knowing it. If you are responsible for booking your travel or accommodation offer as soon as you arrive, please provide this information.

Mobile apps

Promotions are a great way to keep customers up to date while they spend time on their computers and research. However, these offers do not help you reach your destination. Launching a mobile app that makes booking and travel easier can be a huge boost to the online market.

Exclusive offers via email and social media

Travel is expensive, sometimes so much so that it prevents the traveler from realizing his dream of visiting all the places he wants to visit. This is the reason why many people seek discounts. By offering special offers to your social followers and email subscribers (and advertising for them on your website), you can easily build a loyal customer base. And while you can technically make less money from every sale, satisfied customers are more likely to be repeat customers, and it’s much more valuable.

Generate income from digital tourism marketing

The internet has become an extremely useful resource for travelers and tourists. It offers a wide variety of destination information, travel planning resources, and past visitor reviews. This means your customer base is there for sure – you just need to reach them.

If you want to start using the internet to expand your tourism business, but are unsure, feel free to contact us! Our dedicated team is happy to help you develop an online strategy.

How digital marketing is transforming the tourism industry

1. Discussions: Companies realize the importance of second-screen marketing

Digital consumption today is very different from a few years ago. The use of mobile devices is on the rise and the tourism industry is no different. Plus, it can be even more difficult as people use multiple devices to book airline tickets and hotel rooms. Due to this fact, there is only one emerging trend for mobile phone banks (MTAs).

2. Integrated: Experiential marketing is more important than ever

Traveling from point A to point B can be a long and tiring experience. In an effort to make the travel experience more enjoyable for travelers, airlines are installing advanced inflight entertainment systems that allow people to watch movies and TV shows, play games, listen to the radio and make calls from the plane.

3. By Destination: Additional services lead to recurring sales Before leaving, most people search for the place they want to visit. Once you reach your destination, the search for the best places to visit

continues. Fortunately, travelers can use their devices everywhere, from hotel rooms to cafes and tourist attractions. Therefore, planning a trip is as easy as visiting a website and choosing the next destination. Unlike competition from Airbnb and local travel guides in your area, even large hotel chains realize they need to expand their offerings to provide even more value to customers.

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