The minds behind Lumenati and Cinebody aim to pull advertising into the millennial era

Lumenati works with major brands such as Nike, Captain Morgan, Tristate Energy, American Express, and others to create marketing campaigns with a new and authentic feel, aimed at attracting an ever-changing audience.

‘Content creation is very different from before. “You can’t just make any announcement and end the day, you have to have a steady stream of content,” McDonald said. We say with our brands: “Instead of streaming content on TV, it’s better to create 200 content that will appear on social networks all year round.

1. Cinebody.

Instead of sitting in their seats and filming like their idiots with their iPhones, Lumenati’s team decided to make a really cool camera, except it’s actually a phone case.

Cinebody hardware is based on the Super 8 camera from the 1960s but works with an iPhone camera. The device has a digital display and works with an application that has settings to adjust focus, exposure, and frame rate.

They launched Cinebody CS1 on Kickstarter in July 2015, sold about 1,000 boxes, and raised more than $ 190,000 at the end of the campaign in August.

 the real power of these things is the phone,” McDonald said.

The interconnectedness of the cloud makes instant photography and uploading a reality, which McDonald says can be a huge boon for brands.

2.Imagine attending a Nike event in New York City.

You and a few hundred runners can download the Cinebody app and record videos of you and your friends during the event. Sometimes you get a push notification saying you look “in slow motion” and asking for a portrait or portrait.

When you are done running, there is a video on Facebook. Your track is displayed.

Now imagine that this scenario is a reality because it really was. Lumenati joined Nike a few weeks ago at an event like this.

Thanks to the Cinebody app, Lumenati’s editorial team, Denver collected the songs they immediately uploaded and a notebook turned them into a live version of the event. Cinebody does not require production workers to be in the field. Keep spending little and make smartphone users better directors. In addition, Nike announced the content for the closing of the event.

Cinebody’s software is still in beta, so McDonald’s said the company uses the software for brand partnerships. The revenue comes from processing time, which Cinebody shares with Lumenati, and, to a lesser extent, from storage – customers pay only $ 1 per gigabyte.

Lumenati, which has been fully self-financed from the outset, transfers the revenue in more traditional ways. The team presents a  project to companies, usually per project. But as with all creative entities operating in the current economy, it can be difficult to be loyal to customers.


the teams behind Cinebody and Lumenati have big plans. Lumenati hopes to build positive relationships with its current customers and build new countries.

The possibilities are endless for Cinebody. They are currently exploring a partnership with Spotify that will allow artists to browse and access video clips in the future.

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