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HubSpot + The Hustle

Inbound marketing platform HubSpot announced that it has acquired business and technology publisher The Hustle. Hustle integrates a blog with short news, newsletters, podcasts, and research products. The move should allow HubSpot to make content available, particularly to growing companies, based on the success of its educational blog, the Academy.

Hustle’s subscription service, Trends, has approximately 10,000 subscribers and 1.5 million free daily emails.

We asked Kieran Flanagan, senior vice president of marketing, how the acquisition will benefit HubSpot’s customers. He told us: ‘Over the past year we have seen our customers increasingly attracted to popular forms of media, such as newsletters, surveys, and podcasts. To serve our customers wherever they are, we knew we needed to go beyond our existing educational content streams to deliver the technology and business news that scalable businesses are looking for. Our acquisition of The Hustle will help us achieve this by offering our customers and the community the content they want on the platform of their choice.

Because we care. For the software industry, HubSpot has always had a strong focus on content, whether it’s educational content for HubSpot users or more general information on the HubSpot blog. With this acquisition, HubSpot leverages the trend of B2B brands to provide predictors and customers with richer, content-driven experiences, as well as technical information and white papers.

Bizzabo joins the Adobe Exchange Partner program

Meeting platform Bizzabo announced this week that it has joined the Adobe Exchange Partner Program. As an official Adobe partner, Bizzabo wants to help B2B marketers organize and manage personal, virtual, or hybrid events.

Bizzabo, previously focused on personal opportunities, launched a solution for medium and large virtual events in 2020. Bizzabo also has a consolidated integration with Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, to share registration information and activities for the participants.

Because we care. As B2B virtual meeting platforms like ON24 thrive on the blockchain, it’s fascinating to see how platforms like Bizzabo, previously tied to physical events, are rotated to serve a virtual environment. These platforms are positioned to respond to the following: return to normal, extended remote control during combat, or a combination of both.

According to Rapport, sales and marketing still don’t match

In a new study “The Revenue Marketing Report: 2021”, automation platform Outfunnel and CRM Copper ask whether sales and marketing teams need to adapt more to today’s economic challenges. Last year Forrester senior analyst Craig Rosenberg told us, “Slower. We’ve talked about it for a long time, but now it’s necessary. Everyone had to drop their swords, walk into a room and find out.

However, according to the report, 43% of respondents felt that the goals were poorly aligned; 43% think teams are not doing it right, and 46% of marketers think sales don’t understand what’s important. Salespeople find that more teams work well together than marketers. Concern was also expressed about the usefulness of the sales and martech tools, and above all about the difficulty of integrating them.

Because we care. At the highest level, we believe that coordination between sales and marketing is needed more than ever, especially now that sales are increasingly dependent on the digital channels on which marketing takes place. Maybe things look different than in the trenches.

OUTFRONT promotes the “Making Black History with …” campaign

OUTFRONT Media, an outdoor media company and a pioneer in digital ad space, or “liveaboard” space, celebrated the first day of Black History Month with the launch of its “Making Black History with …” campaign. The campaign uses OOH digital assets visible in 35 markets across the country and highlights the achievements of black pioneers.

Awards include key figures such as Dara Treseder, Senior Vice President, Peloton Global Marketing and Communications, and Remi Kent, 3M Global CMO, Consumer Business Group. The full list of awards, from a wide variety of professions, can be found here.

Why do we care? It’s not just about the positive message of black history. OUTFRONT is one of the vendors in the OOH space that understands that digital panels are more than just expandable panels. They can deliver substantial content, especially to a small audience, such as passengers in public transport hubs. If we change again, you will learn more about this space.

Merkle collaborates with B2B marketing solutions

Performance marketing agency Merkle announced strengthened partnerships to enhance its B2B services. He will partner with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and the ABM Madison Logic platform.

The partnership will help Merkle B2B execute a customer strategy using insights from Madison Logic. Madison Logic has a LinkedIn integration that supports the orchestration of paid media campaigns that drive purchasing teams to priority accounts.

Why do we care? Merkle is a global agency that has expanded its consulting and technology implementation capabilities but doesn’t want to build them on its own. This partnership aims to promote the joint clients of Merkle and Madison Logic by carefully integrating LinkedIn’s ABM resources with Merkle’s B2B agency services.

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