What B2B marketers can look forward to in 2021

B2B marketers will become growth drivers and master the important digital journey.

Now is the best time to become a B2B marketer. This is not only an opportunity for B2B marketing, but it is also the responsibility of B2B marketers to regain control of the buying cycle. Powerful words from Nick Heys, CEO of Jabmo, a global ABM platform for industry and manufacturing, life sciences, and health.

The opportunity that Hyys describes was created in the midst of a pandemic – and an associated economic crisis – that is forcing companies to double the digital spectrum of digital maturity to double their digital marketing and sales strategies. To determine the extent and importance of this transformation, we spoke not only to Heys but also to Stacy Greiner, a veteran of IBM and Cisco, who served as CMO in March 2020, as well as CM & Bradstreet of Dun & CM, a global intelligence provider. joined forces as the pandemic intensified. he took.

Certain sales and marketing

Budgetary pressures and the constant trend towards ABM make pre-sales adjustment a necessity for B2B marketers. “We have seen partnerships become crucial and in 2021 they will become even more important: a shift to the market,” said Greiner.

“Before the pandemic,” said Heys, “there were two main trends in our customer space, one of which was the growth of buyer groups. We told customers that they sold multi-million dollar contracts a decade ago. Two or three people claim to have played later. golf, now they are talking to twenty, thirty, forty people who were involved in a purchase decision. This was already a big trend and there was an account-based marketing request. These trends have existed for years in technology and it is important that they can now be seen in traditionally less mature sectors, such as industry.

“It’s been a few years since B2B buyers made most of their online buying decisions,” agrees Greiner. ‘You have also seen over the years that marketing is the strongest decision-maker in total sales for Martech’s sales stack; Although they don’t have the total sales technology budget, I realized that they are the decision-makers on how to complete the stack because everything needs to be integrated.

“Sales and marketing have long worked together on [personal] occasions. “Often, an event is not seen in itself as the main generator, but as an advance in the role of leader and an opportunity to communicate personally with your customers.” This year, he contributed much more to virtual events, such as webinars, which were previously more focused on product and marketing. “What we are seeing now is a previous sales partnership. We are going to build this webinar together to provide more opportunities to communicate with potential customers in real-time.”

The digital payment has expired

Heys explicitly told Jabmo that he offers technology that supports ABM to companies outside of the tech space. “When I started this business, I realized that most of our competitors are focused on the technology space, from technology to technology sales,” he said. ‘I have decided to concentrate on the manufacturing sector and in particular on the life sciences. This has already made us unique because their needs are completely different from technology. Technology, in general, has a strong focus on organic growth, driven by the conquest of new names.

The largest and most established manufacturing companies grow differently, Heys explains. “They know who their target audience is. They usually expand through the acquisition of another company or through research and development. This gives them new products that their sales force can sell – to well-known customers, but usually to multiple buyers. In this area,” “We reached out to new buyers and that’s where we come from. We help larger, more mature, and more complex sales organizations accelerate their account expansion. “

Of course, there are other differences between production and technology. “In the production space, yes, this is what we would call ‘digital lawyers’, and it depends a lot on change, opportunity, and face-to-face. This audience has not been very successful. We are very happy.” It’s been a big change over the past six months, mostly because they didn’t have a choice. Manufacturers have had to do something in the past six months that they are likely to be doing in the next two or three years. This pandemic is a great accelerator in the digital marketing transformation for manufacturers.

Greiner also sees a rapid search for digital transformation among companies that did not prioritize digital well before 2020. “As organizations with less digital experience change,” he said, “they are also looking for platforms that digitize them more. Transforming every small marketing niche you can think of. This is a steep curve for companies looking to accelerate the digital transformation of marketing.

However, Greiner predicts the trend to take digital travel home as much as possible. “For organizations that are not digitally adopted as quickly as others, they rely heavily on outsourcing agencies: paid search for this agency, programmatic research at another agency, even SDR outsourcing, telesales, or even email. the ability to create an engaging image and, if entrusted to third parties, the message will not only be lost if translated by people who do not use digital channels to track your activity but also interrupted because the broadcasts of II am io not I’m so clean.

This feature is available not only for large companies looking to accelerate their digital maturity but also for small businesses. You can see that small business have the opportunity to emerge as national or even global organizations just because they work in this digital space. In many ways, digital transformation has really leveled the playing field, assuming your product or service can meet the needs you generate online.

A seat at the table in 2021

In 2021, Heys said, marketers will be sitting at the table. ‘They’re going from the back seat to the co-manager in the sales organization – I think it’s new. Now they take responsibility for what sellers cannot do: digital sales. ABM is engaged in digital sales: do what you do: first on golf courses, in personal meetings, and in the business, now it is done through extremely personal follow-up messages.

Heys predicted another trend, which he described as “expensive for me as a marketer”. The responsibility of marketers to generate growth is increasing. Our customers’ space is sold regularly; Marketing is traditionally used to make programs and websites look good, but it has never been a growth engine in the industry.

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