Why Your Marketplace Needs an Advertising PERFORMANCE

Advertising PERFORMANCE is a powerful and growing tool for marketers. A report by Goldman Sachs Equity Research in February 2021 notes that ‘in the United States alone, we believe that retailers will earn between $ 15 billion and $ 20 billion in retail media revenue, focusing on e-com from product manufacturers. The number is expected to significantly exceed the potential considered to bring the flow of media from electronics, clothing, sports, and other manufacturers to certain retailers.


Is your size of CVR, CTR, and organic baskets at the right level to support effective advertising revenue? Should sellers participate in the advertising program based on their organic performance? DIVERSITY Is there enough commercial diversity to support a healthy auction? Insufficient diversity will not encourage sellers to participate in the program, which in turn could harm the buyer’s experience. Even if they decide to participate, the lack of diversity will lead to low CPCs, and this will diminish the benefits of the program for you, the market operator.


How are salespeople doing in your market and where do your budgets come from? Would your market be competitive and attractive so that you can use non-marketing budgets (distribution, branding, recognition, etc.)? The most effective recipe on the market can be if you can use multiple budgets. This enables sellers to increase their demand based on different economic objectives. It shows buyers once again that they are more important and enhances their shopping experience.

When we discuss ads, these are the most common objections we hear:

Reduce the copper experiment (keep your attention away from the main marker experiment). Lower your conversion rate (possibly by promoting less than ideal products). Manufacturers (who had to force them to pay a different market rate) Koddi worked with several key markets to test the effectiveness of the market. announce and move on. All the markets we work with have proven through extensive testing that none of these concerns apply to the real world. Koddi has been working with our partners for over a decade to develop buyers who engage buyers, maintain success, and improve sales retention.

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