Podcast Advertising Provides Up to 30x Higher Lift compared to Other Channels

Is it worth investing in a podcast marketing campaign?

 Claritas analyzed the results of more than 158 podcast campaigns in all sectors and found that they were significantly larger than other channels.


To determine the effectiveness of podcast advertising in the real world, Claritas used its billing method to analyze the results of more than 158 podcast campaigns in sectors, including automotive, consumer goods, insurance, retail, and telecommunications.

Claritas’ billing methodology allows advertisers to understand something that was almost impossible to bring back to this multichannel world, indicating how many buyers bought it as a direct result of a given campaign. To answer this question, Claritas uses a measurement method called “incremental height differences”. The increasing increase is the change in consumer behavior due to exposure to advertising when all other influences are taken into account.

We all know that some people exposed to a marketing campaign measure their behavior regardless of exposure. For example, a family of five would probably buy more wheat than a family. Someone who has seen a match will likely do it again against someone who has never been to a match. So even if it generated a high conversion rate, a campaign may not be effective if these people buy it.

 Claritas Incremental Billing Analysis uses a control group methodology to calculate exactly how many consumers made a purchase as a direct result of a podcast or other specific marketing investment.


Claritas’ unique sign-up method tells you exactly how many conversions you’ve had with a specific campaign, such as a podcast campaign. And it gives you access to statistics that have never been available before, that provide real insight into the cost of your campaign, the return you get from it, and, most importantly, how you can optimize your campaign to get the best return from your campaign. field. investment (ROI). in the future.

You can measure it specifically:

• Incremental / fiscal conversions: conversions that were the direct result of exposure to a campaign

• Incremental earnings: the percentage increase in conversions that can be directly linked to exposure to a specific campaign

Advertising revenue: a measure of efficiency that provides incremental/actual conversions for every $ 1.00 spent on advertising

• Average cost per incremental conversion: The average purchase cost for a buyer

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