Online Marketing 2021

If you’ve read my previous digital marketing guide, you know it’s different.

Not all digital marketing campaigns are automatically an online marketing activity.

According to media, online marketing is “… any tool, strategy or method to promote the name of the company. Advertising can take many different forms and some strategies focus on subtle messaging rather than simple ads. “

Do you want the simplest version of this?

In online marketing, everything is done to advertise your business on the internet to reach people.

All you’re doing online is getting more attention for yourself, getting people’s attention, and hopefully buying something from you at some point.

There are seven main subcategories of online marketing that I want to cover in this guide.


We’ve already talked about search engine optimization (SEO) and I’ve shown you all the important things you need to understand.

In addition to SEO, there is Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is simply the paid version of SEO.

Marketers pay Google to show ads in search results in the hope of driving traffic (usually interested or directions) to product landing pages.

Then there is content marketing. This is where marketers strive to create rich, rich content to distribute to future potential customers. This is the good version of online marketing, where you usually try to get people to buy.

You are clearly already familiar with social media marketing, where you use one or more social media channels to reach customers, build relationships and then lead them to your products and services.

Pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising is similar to search engine marketing, but it is not limited to Google and its competitors. Most social media networks allow you to create ads that naturally integrate into your feeds so that you can pay for clicks on your site.

Affiliate marketing is a type of referral marketing where you share profits with other marketers in exchange for promoting each other’s products.

And finally, there is email marketing, which some consider obsolete. But it is still one of the most effective channels. Once your customers have given you permission to contact them, you can send an email at any time to add value and ask them to buy at the right time.

You can already imagine how big online marketing is. Find out the size of a space filled by each of these separate categories.

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