Native advertising is a type of advertising, usually, online, that matches the form and function of the platform on which it is displayed. In many cases, it manifests itself as an article or video produced by an advertiser for the specific purpose of promoting a product, adapting to the form and style that would otherwise be seen in the publisher’s work. The word “native” refers to this consistency of the content with other media appearing on the platform. Product positioning (integrated marketing) is a precursor to local advertising. Instead of the built-in marketing technique to place the product on the content, indigenous marketing combines the product and the content.


 As a result of this merger of advertisements and content, the legal status of indigenous advertisements is uncertain and in 2013, the Federal Trade Commission held a seminar on advertisements and other disguised advertisements. Despite the ambiguity surrounding the invention of local advertising, many experts consider the Hallmark Hall of Fame, a series first shown in 1951 and still in progress, to be one of the first examples of art. According to Lin Grensing-Pophal, “The award-winning series is probably one of the first examples of ‘indigenous’ ads – ads that are subordinate to the message being conveyed but that influence valuable content. Today’s current ad formats now include promotional videos, articles, commentary, music and other forms of media Most of these delivery strategies from the original strategy have been transferred to an online presence, where they are primarily produced as branded content by the publisher, a concept similar to traditional advertising, where ads appear together with search results that qualify as the original of the search experience. Popular examples include tweets promoted by Twitter, stories promoted by Facebook and posts promoted by Tumblr, and editorial content or ‘other content you may be interested in’ sponsored by a marketer along with editorial recommendations. there has been a controversy over whether content marketing is a form of indigenous marketing and whether it is inherently different ideologies and styles; with indigenous market strategists claiming to use content marketing techniques, and some content marketing strategies claiming that it is not a form of local marketing.

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